Saturday, March 31, 2007

The President pays a visit......


The President visited Walter Reed health center and apologized for the conditions of the center today. The report said it was the first time he had personally visited the center since the scandal of conditions there broke. The president and the firs lady did visit the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in December, but I am sure the President was shielded from the conditions of the center that were reviled by the Washington Post.

I can't contain my anger. The president apologizing for the treatment of America's service men makes me angry WHY? It's the president's fault that their over there! So after a month of charges, resignations, and special reports on wounded troops , he comes and says I am sorry. Sorry for what! For having them in Iraq where Americans are targeted daily, guarding oil? I can't began to understand our President. But I want to support our troops they are our most distinguished citizens in my opinion, and I hope we bring them home soon.

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