Saturday, April 7, 2007

Treating Mental health with jail.....

Homeless woman indicted in fire that killed 4 :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Two or three weeks ago this woman set a fire in a North Side apartment building killing four people. The woman claimed she was trying to warm her feet when the fire started. Thanks to our 80's President, many mentally ill patients now walk among us without treatment. These people need access to treatment, not prision time. I hope when this is all said and done, this woman will be evualated and recieve treatment for whatever ails her.

County ending hospital's long-term care services :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

County ending hospital's long-term care services :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Cook County Board President, John Stroger, strikes again. This time he is ending long term care services at Oak Forest Hospital. Two hundred and twenty patients are being asked to find other sources for their long term care. The families of these patients are being told to explore their options available through social service programs.

The county has been cutting funding to all of their programs that assist citizens in County County, including resources used by social services. can these families ask social services for help if their resources are limited? Just wondering.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Another sad case for Health Care Reform

Doc survived, uninsured patient didn't - Yahoo! News

Dr. Perry Klaassen, is a survivor of Colon Cancer for the past six years. He recently wrote an article regarding care for cancer patients. This article was not about his own care, but about the plight of the uninsured. His patient, Shirley Searcy, had the same exact cancer as Klaassen. She died 18 months after being diagnosed. Dr. Klaassen's essay appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association. How many people have to die the way Ms. Searcy did before health care reforms are in place?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

States Driving Health Reforms -

States Driving Health Reforms -

Pennsylvania is the latest in a number of states trying to solve the problem of health care for their citizens. So far Massachusetts, Vermont and Main have adopted universal health care programs with California and Illinois soon to follow. According to this article in Sunday's Washington Post, these states universal health care initiatives are in response to the federal governments lack of action on the issue of health care in this county.

Drew Altman, CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, is very optimistic about these initiatives, "We can't reform state by state, but a handful of pace setting states can help show the way for national reform, if in fact a new president and Congress can get their act together in 2009."

Some Hospitals Call 911 to Save Their Patients - New York Times

Some Hospitals Call 911 to Save Their Patients - New York Times

Here is another example of Medicaid abuse. Doctor's who set up specialized hospitals, are able to pick and choose the types of procedures they will treat. According to the New York Times these procedures are usually very expensive. This would be great if they could be considered full service hospitals. If an emergency arises as in the case with one patient, Steve Spivey, this type of hospital is not equipped to handle an emergency situation.

This recently occurred in Texas. Mr. Spivey began to experience irregular breathing and the staff called 911 because they did not have the equipment to handle such an emergency. The paramedics inserted a breathing tube, and Mr. Spivey was taken to a full service hospital where he died a short time after arriving. The Texas hospital that called 911 is now barred from treating Medicaid and Medicare patients.

The doctors who setup specialized hospitals defend themselves by saying, that because they are concentrating only on certain procedures they are providing better care for their patients. The inability to handle a medical emergency when a patient is in distress, does not sound like quality health care to me.