Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The City that Works...Is Broken

Sad goodbyes follow layoffs at hospital | Chicago Tribune

How would you feel if you scheduled an appointment for much needed surgery, waited over a year only to be told its canceled and you need to go to another facility? You would probably feel as these Provident Hospital patients feel, devastated. Not only are these patients feeling it, but the physicians and nurses laid off due to the Cook County budget cuts are also feeling of the cuts as well. Many Provident hospital's patients have been referred to Stroger Hospital. The waiting list for an appointment at Stroger hospital is six months, and surgery over a year.

"The county health system's interim head, Dr. Robert Simon, defended the elimination of Provident's orthopedic division. Only 333 orthopedic surgeries were performed there last year -- a volume that can be handled at Stroger, he said." - Chicago Tribune.

Provident's Orthopedic division saw over 6,000 patients.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Free Bad for You?

Free Drug Samples? Bad Idea, Some Say - New York Times

Providers think they are helping patients save money when they give out free medication samples to patients. According the to New York Times, these samples are usually for expensive medications that patients may eventually need to pay for. Providers rely on the word of sales representatives for information about these medications. According to the article, representatives are usually inaccurate when giving information about medications and usually speak in favor of the medication they represent. Patients also need to be aware that sample medications may not treat their ailment as well as the older medications.

Just some food for thought the next time you get a medication sample from your doctor.

Monday, April 30, 2007

No one said reform would be easy.....

As Health Plan Falters, Maine Explores Changes - New York Times

Maine is reforming its health care plan. Although their plan offers health care for many of those in need, the demand was greater then anticipated. There are thousands of people who do not receive the proper medical treatment for serious aliments. And Maine has just learned that their reform program needs to be adjusted to accommodate these patients.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is Health Reform a state problem?

Whittier Daily News - Health reform gaining steam

While Governor Schwazengger gathers support for his health reform plan, he ignores the concerns of some groups who feel the plan maybe too expensive. But Schwazengger, is committed to making California one of the first states to insure everyone. He is motivated by the millions of uninsured voters, who need health care and is unwilling to check the details.

State governors are tackling a federal problem at the state level. This is new territory for many governors elected today. Many states are considering reform bills for their health care systems. Why hasn't the federal government taken notice of this problem? If any one's job should be based on the state of health care in this country, it should be the president's.